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Due North® Everyday Traction Aid

The versatile Due North® Everyday Traction Aids are ideal for outdoor winter activities that require urban and light-duty casual, dress and athletic footwear. Whether you're shoveling the sidewalk, walking the dog or just running errands, the lightweight yet durable design of these Traction Aids will give you the confidence you need when walking or running on icy and snowy conditions. The webbed sole design allows the Due North® Everyday Traction Aid to adapt to the shape of your shoe, working with almost any style of shoe in your closet, and its low profile fit means it's nearly invisible to the eye. When not in use, the compact design makes them easy to store in small places such as, your coat pocket, handbag, briefcase or the glove box in your car.

Product Features:

  • Special rubber compound stays strong and retains elasticity in subzero temperatures for maximized durability.
  • New and improved design enhances fit and function with a 360-degree spike pattern that provides more push and lateral grip.
  • Unique support hole on heel strap provides easy adjustment and makes it easy to put on and take off.
  • 6 Tungsten Carbide Due North® Ice Diamond™ Spikes are integrated into a proprietary rubber tread design for improved traction.

Product Color: Black

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Everyday Size Chart

"I have the Due North® Everyday Traction Aids. I LOVE THEM!!! Thank you!! I have gotten so that I can put them on and off quickly. That has helped a lot. I can walk my dog on these wintry streets and feel confident. I find people asking me about them a lot. They are impressed with how sure footed I am! Thank you, again!"
- Linda Badurek, Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Safety Information 

WARNING: Due North® Traction Aids help give you traction when you are on the move on ice and snow. However, because no product can completely prevent a slip or fall on slippery surfaces, remember to exercise care when walking or running in Due North® Traction Aids. Caution should be taken when moving on any hard or polished surfaces, such as granite or marble, on ladders or when driving a vehicle. Use care, as these traction aids are sharp and may injury or damage flooring, surfaces or skin. Due North® Traction Aids are not to be used for mountaineering and/or hiking, in rocky terrain, or when the user may encounter steep up or down slopes. Due North® Traction Aids are not designed or intended to be used on high heel footwear. Prolonged usage may stain light-colored footwear. This product contains latex.


"This product is GREAT !!!! In NY today we have ICE everywhere and the Due North traction aid worked perfectly ! I was able to walk w/confidence and not loose a step."

"I have had these for 4 years and they are awesome. I work outside and wear them almost every day and they have only now just worn out."

"I love this product they are great on ice and snow but only problem i have had is loosing the spikes."

"I prefer the traction of this duenorth product over the "yak-tracks" brand -those have a spring stretched across the bottom and it will still slip on ice. BUT -the Due North EASILY slides off the shoe [and, yes, I have the proper size for my shoe]. I walk my dog on mostly plowed streets & sidewalks. But if there is any snow at all to the side and I sink in a bit, the product slips off. I don't realize it and have to walk back and search for it. I think a cross-strap should be sold with the product -to optionally secure over the top of the shoe, if desired. It can be a simple canvas/velcro strap that slips through the present design. I made my own."

"We have recently had lot of snow an ice where i live, i am a disable person who not too steady on ice n snow. I saw these in a cobblers shop on my local high st an thought ok lets give them a try. wow i dont have to worry bout goin out in ice an snow now they grip really well and feel safer now. do they do one for the bottom of walking sticks yet? have already recommended it to 3 people i know who dont get around on ice n snow well. Best money have spent on my feet in years."

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